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Yogurt with Fruit

"Julia was my biggest supporter and cheerleader.  She kicked me when I needed it... and formulated a plan specific to my needs.  I'm also down 85 lbs."

~M. Gray

Fitness and
Wellness Coaching
Are you frustrated with your weight? Have you tried diet after diet, had some success, then regained what you lost and then some? Are you confused about what healthy eating really means for you?  Or maybe your physician told you to lose some weight to help your blood pressure or cholesterol, but you don't know where to begin?
If you answered yes to these questions and you're ready for real, practical strategies and solutions to living a healthy life all while reaching your wellness and weight goals, you're in the right place.
As an Active Nutrition client, you will receive an individualized plan focused on macronutrients and portion sizes, personalized fitness coaching, goal setting, and use of my app, so we can keep in touch as much as needed.

Meet with me virtually from the comfort of your home - contact me today and let's get started! Weight management is hard, but with proper support, accountability, and a health professional using evidence based strategies, you can succeed!

Move away from food guilt and emotional eating and figure out how to eat well and still enjoy your favorites.  Do this with clear direction, and get support that goes with you, everywhere.  Work with me and change the way you look and feel about food. 

Don't wait another day.  Start now, and become your healthiest self.
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