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How to Stop Boredom Eating

Eating is a great way to fill your time, unless its keeping you from your health goals. If you struggle with eating when you're bored, read on. We'll discuss what it is, how its different from emotional eating, and 4 ways to combat it.

What is Boredom Eating?

Pretty simply, boredom eating is eating out of habit. When there's nothing else to do, you turn to food as entertainment. Many struggle with this particularly at night time. Work is done, kitchen is cleaned up, so now you turn to snacks.

While this isn't always a negative habit, if it is getting in the way of your weight loss goals or is creating room for other health issues, it is definitely a habit that should be redirected.

How is it Different from Emotional Eating?

The difference is in the trigger. Boredome eating is more habitual, something to do. It is usually triggered by a place or time of day. Emotional eating, on the other hand, comes from a triggering situation or environment.

For example, emotional eating may happen in response to a tough meeting at the office, or an upsetting phone call. It requires more of an immeidate response. You'll find yourself coping with that emotion with food. Where boredom eating is quite literally just something to do. Food becomes a time filler.

4 Ways to Combat Boredom Eating

  1. Create a healthier environment. We are very visual eaters. So setting up your environment to have healthier food in your line of sight will go a long way in redirecting this habit. Put a bowl of fruit on the counter, move the chips out of sight...

  2. Make some healthy swaps. If you really get a hankering for chips and they have become a night time habit, then swap them for a lower calorie option. Try popcorn or a baked chip instead of the full fat version. This way, if you're still snacking at night, at least you're consuming fewer calories.

  3. Find something else to do. Distract, distract! Fold laundry, do a puzzle, or maybe just go to bed. Remember, true boredom eating is just something else to do, so make the choice to do something else.

  4. If all else fails, try the 15 minute rule. (Hint: this also works very well for emotional eating). Set a timer in the kitchen for 15 minutes and you're not allowed back in until it goes off. Its a great way to break up that automatic habit of night time snacks and forces you to go find an alternative activity.

Final Thoughts

Eating when you're bored can be a fun way to fill your time, until it starts getting in the way of your weight loss efforts. Noticing when and why you're using food in this way can be helpful.

To overcome this habit, find a healthier replacement! That might be another activity or a healthier food choice or just going to bed!

As always, if you need support in weight loss or changing health habits, reach out for a coaching session or sign up for my monthly newsletter for more ideas and tips.


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