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Prebiotic Drinks: Are They Worth the Hype?

Prebiotics are the new rage being added to all sorts of things from granola bars and yogurts and now to drinks like soda! So what are they and are they good for you? Read on and I'll explain!

What are Prebiotic Fibers?

Prebiotic fibers are simply fiberst that go through the gut mostly undigested. When they get to the intestines, they feed the healthy bacteria that are living there. This promotes a heathy gut microbiome which is exactly what we want!

Prebiotic fibers are found in all sorts of foods from fruits and veggies to whole grains and legumes. The ones that are primarily added by manufacturers are chicory root and inulin fiber. These fibers are a little harder on the GI tract for some people and can cause symptoms of bloating and gas if you have too much. So read those labels!

Why is fiber important and how much should you get a day?

Fiber is important for many reasons and gut health is right up there on the list! Fiber also helps with hunger by slowing digestion and helping you feel full longer. It also helps decrease cholesterol and lowers risk of certain cancers. Adult women should shoot for 25g a day and men 30g.

While its tempting to just drink a pop that has fiber, the best results and healthiest guts will come from eating a wide variety of plant foods. A drink with fiber in it can definitely be included, but we shouldn't depend on it to help us get to our fiber goal.

So What's GOOD about Prebiotic Drinks?

Well, the sugar content! Compared to a regular pop containing 20-30g of sugar, these new prebiotic drinks only have about 4-8g. This is definitely a positive change and makes it a great option for those trying to cut back on their sugary beverage intake.

They also come in a wide variety of flavors. From the traditional cola flabors to fun new combinations like raspberry rose, ginger lime, or strawberry lemon! These can definitley be a healthier option to cure your sweet tooth compared to a typical pop. Just don't depend on them to help you hit your fiber goal!

Cheers to new options!

Fiber filled soda seems like an odd option, but they are here and wildly popular. So as usual, enjoy in moderation and cheers to staying hydrated and healthy!


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